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The Dream in Me is a 6 month-long initiative led by IDEAS Generation and GCI Health to guide the next generation of young Black leaders (ages 18-28) to develop and communicate about their visions for the future.


This program is part of a long-term effort to promote IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Social Justice). Each participant will each receive $500 to implement their vision. 

GCI Health is an award-winning global integrated healthcare communications agency Inspired by People. They share their clients’ desire to improve the health of all people around the world and work tirelessly to contribute to their ambitious goals. Their approach to communications is rooted in looking at all stakeholders – patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, policy makers, reporters and payers – as people with distinct perspectives that shape how they think about health. They create breakthrough, people-driven programs that drive tangible results for their clients and the people they serve.

All Fellows are required to attend all program workshops. Workshop times are will be determined by the general availability of the Fellows selected. Workshop dates are as follows:

  • Workshop #1: Wednesday, 3/27/2024

  • Workshop #2: Thursday, 4/25/2024

  • Workshop #3: Wednesday, 5/22/2024

  • Workshop #4: Thursday, 6/27/2024

  • Workshop #5: Wednesday, 7/24/2024

  • Workshop #6: Thursday, 8/22/2024

  • Workshop #7: Wednesday, 9/25/2024



Q. Who is eligible for this program?

A. Any person who identifies as Black or African American between the ages of 18-28 years old. Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States and have a US bank account to participate.


Q. Why must I be a young Black or African American person to be eligible?

A. The Dream in Me program is designed to reflect who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was and to encourage and inspire young Black leaders to see themselves in the legacy Dr. King created by following suit and making their impact as leaders in the world. As a young Black leader, Dr. King was able to inspire all people to make positive changes, and we are hoping to help aspiring TDIM Fellows work towards their vision for social change or justice.


Q. What is required in my submission for this program?

A. Entrants must submit a 60-second video or audio file or 500-word essay answering the question “What is your vision for social change in the world?” Past participants have developed projects including:

  • Facilitating a panel for professional women to discuss their experiences with race and ethnicity as they rose in their careers

  • Creating a summer program for middle school students to expose them to different career paths

We encourage creativity in your writing, audio or video. You are not required to be on camera yourself. You will be judged by your content and creativity, not by the spelling or grammar of your essay, or camera quality of your video. 


Email us at


“[This was] amazing! [My young leader] is a wonderful young woman who is incredibly driven, motivated and efficient. She took feedback well and it was great to see her growth across the program timeline.”

Alex Canale


“I think the most unique experience for me was to shift my mind outside of just research and knowledge to more of a creative lens. I highly recommend especially to those who can dream big but are sometimes intimidated by their own dreams.”

TDIM Fellow

Alana Mariano


2024 TDIM Fellows

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