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IG partners with organizations to comprehensively embed IDEAS principles into their cultures, processes, policies, and systems. 

Our consultants and project team members bring extensive IDEAS/DEI experience that ensures a diverse mix of relevant lived and learned experiences for each of our engagements tailored to the client and scope at hand. 

Project teams are comprised of IG full-time staff, NextGen IDEAS/DEI practitioners from our broader community, and an IDEAS subject matter expert which enables our collaborations to be intergenerational, innovative, and values aligned. 


Leadership Coaching:

Services Offered: 

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IG’s IDEAS Assessments enable organizations to establish nuanced baseline understandings of how their current cultures, systems, policies, services, and products map against IDEAS principles and to surface strategies & tactics to leverage IDEAS principles to enhance the organization’s mission, impact, and culture.

Organizational IDEAS Assessments:

We facilitate interactive and highly engaging processes to support our client partners in articulating their vision for their IDEAS work and to connect that vision to the broader strategy of the organization. These processes, facilitated in person or virtually, result in IDEAS Vision Statements, IDEAS Operating plans (duration 1-12 months), and Strategic Plans (1+ years). 

Strategy & Advisory Support: 

Using an IDEAS-Centered Design process, which layers IDEAS values onto human-centered design thinking frameworks, IG partners with organizations to reimagine and redesign programs, policies, and processes to better align with IDEAS values.

IDEAS-Centered Design:

IG believes that in order for organizations to foster and sustain IDEAS excellence, they must first create the organizational conditions (or, as we term it, ‘container’) in which IDEAS-related learning and initiatives take place. IG facilitates a series of interactive ‘Container-Building’ sessions that focus on the context in which subsequent IDEAS activities are undertaken. 

Capacity & Container Building:

Once the organizational system is sufficiently equipped to embark upon IDEAS-related training & education through container building activities, IG partners with organizations to develop a tailored curriculum for all stakeholders as well as to facilitate multi-modal sessions for everyone from the C-Suite & Board to front-line employees.

Training & Education:

Through a collaboration with Three Stories Communications, IG enhances our client collaborations by bringing 20+ years of experience at the intersection of DEI and strategic communications. 

Communications & Project Management Support:

Leveraging both the Intercultural Development Inventory and our IDEAS framework, we support individual leaders and leadership teams to ensure that everyone is authentically ready and able to steward the organization’s IDEAS efforts

Communications & Project Management Support:

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IG Executive Director Dan Egol with next-gen leaders Kunal Deodhar, Ana Lievano, and Alyson Fraser Diaz supported The Chronicle of Philanthropy by conducting a DEI assessment of the organization’s reporting from 2017, 2018, and 2019.


Our Clients

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