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Today's IDEAS challenges cannot be solved in isolation, nor by individuals alone. We need relationships, partnerships, and coalitions to catalyze and sustain systemic transformation. 

At our core, IG is a dynamic hub where formal IDEAS practitioners and rising leaders from all sectors and walks of life converge for connection, solidarity, and capacity building. 



Image by Teemu Paananen


Born out of our enduring need for connection and community in times of social distancing, IDEAS Roundtables are half-year virtual peer learning cohorts with Millennial and Gen-Z IDEAS practitioners and champions from all over the globe.



Join us at our Plenaries for a reoccurring weekly discussion about IDEAS, mobilizing through solidarity, maintaining self-care, and combatting systems of oppression.


Lean in at our weekly Healing Circles for grounding exercises, creative expression, therapeutic vulnerability, and helpful resources.

  • Jun 08, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
    Our plenaries serve as an open forum for IG community members to engage in communal conversation about salient IDEAS topics. Members of different backgrounds, fields, and expertise come together to impart IDEAS best practices, lived and learned experiences, and resources to address the challenge.
  • Jun 29, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
    Our monthly Healing Circles are spaces to promote “healing through feeling” granting participants the opportunity to practice mindfulness, creative expression, and therapeutic vulnerability to find meaning in both the challenges and joy of life and workplace.

The Dream In Me

The Dream in Me is a 9 month-long initiative led by IDEAS Generation and GCI Health to guide the nest generation of young Black leaders (ages 18-24) to develop and communicate about their visions for the future.

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