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Sandra Ferreira (she/her)


My Story

Sandra Ferreira-Molina is a distinguished civil servant, celebrated for her role as a transformative leader, a champion of change, and a dedicated Parent Leader from the prestigious PLTI Class of 2020. With an unwavering commitment to uplifting community voices and advocating for educational equity and diversity, Sandra embodies the qualities of an impactful, fair, and compassionate leader who fosters trust, camaraderie, and positive transformation.

Currently holding the position of Deputy CEO at Latinos for Educational Advocacy and Diversity, Sandra brings forth a remarkable career spanning over two decades, deeply rooted within the state and local community. Her extensive experience is highlighted by her notable roles, including that of Associate Director of Health within the Health & Human Services Department in the City of Danbury, as well as her contributions to the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH). Her expertise envelops various domains including workforce development, daycare licensing, asthma policy, planning, and evaluation. Notably, her involvement with the State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families, specifically within the Medical Assistance Unit under Revenue Enhancement, showcases her dedication to holistic community well-being.

Sandra's devotion to community well-being extends far beyond her professional endeavors. Actively serving on the boards of the Danbury Daily Bread Food Pantry and the Intense Education Academy (IEA) in West Hartford, she demonstrates her commitment to fostering positive change at the grassroots level. Her prior role as Initiative Director for DanburyWORKS exemplified her exceptional leadership abilities, allowing her to cultivate community capacity, facilitate cross-sector collaboration, and implement systemic shifts aimed at achieving impactful community-level changes.

Furthermore, Sandra has showcased her leadership and expertise with the State Department of Public Health, where she has worked across the 169 towns under emergency preparedness initiatives. Her efforts have contributed significantly to ensuring the safety and well-being of communities throughout Connecticut, underscoring her dedication to community resilience and preparedness.

With her diverse array of experiences, steadfast dedication to community engagement, and a proven track record of propelling meaningful change, Sandra Ferreira-Molina stands as an exceptional, fair, and compassionate leader. Her influence continues to shape the realms of education and community development, consistently making a profound and lasting difference.

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