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Janice Chan (she/her/hers)

Board Member

My Story

Growing up in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens in New York City, I took diversity for granted. It wasn’t until much later, having spent a lot of my adult life living and working in spaces that are not like the communities I grew up in—and meeting people who have never known anything else—that I realized how much. Too many of us are navigating a world not built for us, and too many of us are missing out on that richness and beauty of a world where we can all come as we are and feel welcome.

I take that into my work as a proud generalist who spans multiple disciplines. Through my consultancy, Shift and Scaffold, I help small and mighty teams to collaborate more effectively by aligning their processes, programs, governance, and infrastructure to their mission, their theory of change, and their realities. I also teach, facilitate, and provide 1:1 coaching. Outside of work, I enjoy writing, sketching, traveling, eating new foods, building community, and making playlists.

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