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Ava Stone (she/her/hers)

Board Chair

My Story

Ava is a former theater kid born and raised in the DMV. She's a Strategy and Transformation consultant and ADR Practitioner who focuses on interpersonal and group conflict, mainly when identity elements are at the forefront. She's experienced in facilitating strategic planning meetings, leadership retreats, interventions to address organizational trauma, change management, and environmental co-stewardship listening sessions between government and external stakeholders. Ava is an equity-informed mediator who utilizes restorative practices, principles, and liberating structures to approach her work. Leveraging a background and interest in Strategic Management, Ava designs workshops to assist teams in navigating DEIA concepts and principles and creating effective and thoughtful strategic plans with equity at the center. She has a dual master's degree in Conflict Analysis/Resolution and Mediterranean Security.

In her free time, she is a 'Wild Muse' in SpiritWild, a D.C.-based BIPOC immersive and healing arts group and is currently learning the flow arts.

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