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Grow Next-Gen Leaders

Millennials and Gen-Z represent the two most diverse generations ever, yet there are few formal professional development opportunities to cultivate the IDEAS leadership needed to unlock our full potential. 

Our leadership development programs support IDEAS leaders in growing their skills and capacity through co-creation and community. 

diverse group of people sitting around a table. one person is talking while everyone is looking on and listenting.


Born out of our enduring need for connection and community in times of social distancing, IDEAS Roundtables are half-year virtual peer learning cohorts with Millennial and Gen-Z IDEAS practitioners and champions from all over the globe.

image from INW summit multiple tables fill of people are all looking at Hannah, an INW co-founder who is speaking in front of the room. there is a presentation and flip board paper behind her with writing


We offer skill-based, experiential workshops to build the next generation of IDEAS champions, leveraging the perspectives and expertise of Millennial and Gen-Z leaders.

diverse group of people sit in a sunlight room as someone talks about their experience


Join us for recurring, weekly discussions about IDEAS, mobilizing through solidarity, maintaining self-care, and combatting systems of oppression.

Upcoming Events

  • Feb 08, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST
    Quiet quitting. Quiet firing. Burnout. Emotional labor. We've heard these terms come to the surface of conversations related to IDEAS and employee relations. Where are these trends coming from? How do we address them? Join us for our Fireside Chat with Regina Angeles, CEO of TalentNow.
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