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Create Community

Today's IDEAS challenges cannot be solved in isolation, nor by individuals alone. We need relationships, partnerships, and coalitions to catalyze and sustain systemic transformation. 

At our core, IG is a dynamic hub where formal IDEAS practitioners and rising leaders from all sectors and walks of life converge for connection, solidarity, and capacity building. 

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Join us at our Plenary for a recurring, weekly discussion about IDEAS, mobilizing through solidarity, maintaining self-care, and combatting systems of oppression.

Lean in at our weekly Healing Circle for grounding exercises, creative expression, therapeutic vulnerability, and helpful resources.

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Build relationships with other NextGen leaders through our slack channel where we continue the conversation between events, share resources, network, and sustain connection. 

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These interactive virtual convenings address IDEAS topics of interest to our community while elevating Millennial and Gen-Z leaders as facilitators and subject matter experts.