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Connecting, supporting, and elevating the next generation of leaders and organizations committed to advancing IDEAS: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Social Justice

About INW

Inclusion NextWork (‘INW’) is a global network of emerging leaders passionate about innovating the ways we build relationships, organizations, and communities so that everyone can thrive.


How We Work

  • Build a Community of IDEAS-Fluent Leaders: We cultivate a cross-sector collective of Millennial and Gen-Z leaders through community and leadership development programming that aims to bridge the talent and network divide in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion field  

  • Innovate and Expand IDEAS: Through research, thought leadership, and content development, we equip leaders and organizations with innovative approaches and resources to center IDEAS in their relationships, communities, and workplaces

  • Create IDEAS-Centered Organizations and Cultures: Using an innovative next-gen team model, we partner with organizations passionate about holistically embedding IDEAS principals into their workplaces and cultures

Our Clients

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Our Partners


I truly can’t speak highly enough about Lead for America’s time with Inclusion NextWork. Thanks to the care and specificity they imbued throughout the training, folks to walked away with a tangible understanding of how these realities manifest in their own work and tools for taking action to uphold IDEAS principles.

Maya Pace, Chief Community Officer - Lead for America